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A Step By Step Guide to Carpet Cleaning


Everyone needs to clean their carpets at some point or another over the course of their lives, and we would say that annual deep cleans are the bare minimum that you should go for. There are also some basic weekly cleaning rituals that you can participate in, although suffice it to say that they are easy enough that you don’t really need us to hold your hand through them since your impressive human cognition is more than capable of recognizing the right steps to follow to do it correctly.

That said, deep carpet cleaning Liberty tends to be another matter entirely, and that has a lot to do with how it is a far more comprehensive and detailed procedure. If you are in dire need of a carpet deep clean but you don’t really know the first thing about how this is supposed to be done, fear not for we have a step by step guide that even a five year old could follow without too much trouble for the most part!

The first step to take to ensure a smooth and seamless carpet cleaning journey involves vacuuming your rug from one end to the other. Once all of the surface debris and dirt has been removed, the next step is to spray some detergent on the more stubborn stains. After you allow the detergent to dry, all that is left is to run a steam cleaning machine over the entirety of your carpet. This will loosen up dirt by introducing moisture to it, thereby softening it and making it easier to suck up with the suction feature in your hot water extractor which is truly great.

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