About Us


The Halfway Station was originally opened in 1948 by the Carroll Family.
They served gas and groceries to the community for many years.
In the 1980’s, Richard and Angie LeFevbre started the roadside cafe.
Pictured here in a very rare snow
storm.  It was during that time the music and fun started to happen regularly.
The Last Stage West was started in 1995 by Bob and Carmon Brittain.   For a decade, the Brittain’s built a tradition of hospitality, good food and entertainment.  In  January of 2005 the building was burned to the ground by fire.  Bob and Carmon decided to retire.

In May of 2005, Tom Passon (a local from Atascadero) purchased the property, constructed a new metal replacement building and re-opened the famous restaurant and  musicvenue in October, 2006.

The Last Stage West continues to draw a variety of talented local and travelingmusicians worldwide, while serving up heaping helpings of food and hospitality.
“We can not afford to lose this very unique and special place in our community.”

Owner Tom Passon