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All The Different Types of Floor And How to Keep Them Sparkling Clean 


Flooring is an essential component of the house and picking the right floor can be a difficult decision. This is because each floor has its own distinct ways of cleaning and maintenance and therefore families weighs each option individually to decide the floor that would suit their household the best.

Cleaning Different Floor Surfaces

To clean different types of flooring surfaces, it is important to understand what type of cleaning agents and techniques the floor requires to maximise the appearance and durability.

Cleaning Ceramic or Porcelain Floor

A ceramic or porcelain floor is one of the easiest to clean surfaces. With a family that has a toddler or a child that keeps on spilling this, all the person needs to do is to clean the floor with a wet mop and the stain will be an old tale. Using an old strain mop for regular cleaning and a neutral floor cleaner once in a while is a convenient way to keep the porcelain floor shining. 

Maintaining Wooden Floor

A wooden floor is harder to clean as compared to other types of flooring. However with appropriate cleaning regimen, the floor guarantees great durability. Vacuuming the floor frequently and cleaning it with liquid floor cleaner adds not only to shine but also the life of the floor. For people with strict schedules, it is a feasible option to choose house cleaning facilities. For such help, visit https://cleaningease.com/ to get expert floor cleaning in record time.

Cleaning Vinyl Floor

Vinyl Floor are available as vinyl planks and vinyl tiles all of which as simple to clean as the ceramic surfaces. However it is important not to use abrasive solutions which may affect the shine of the tiles and to pour water directly over the surface as it loosens the adhesive and renders the adherence weak.

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