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Ask These Questions Before Hiring a Power Washing Company


Depending on your requirements and the shoe of your house, there might be other better service to clean it that using a power washing service. But not every power washing company provides all the better services. In most cases, you’ll need to ask them some questions about their service before hiring them.

Here are some questions you must ask the power washing company before hiring them.

What is Your Cleaning Process?

It is predictable that the company your hire would use a lot of pressure in their power washing service. But one thing that you should keep in your mind is that not every company uses good and effective methods of cleaning. Never hire a company that simply uses high pressure and nothing else. Other services like window cleaning and delicate parts of the outside won’t stand a chance against the power washing pressure. There are specific detergents that need to be used on certain parts of the house to get the most out of the service.

Do You Provide Window Cleaning Service

Letting a contractor pressure wash your windows is a bad idea. All the window cleaning services need to be on spot and the contractor should choose the best materials needed to thoroughly clean the windows. This service might take a bit longer, and the contractor might charge you a bit more. But this is worth spending money.

Have You Worked on Identical Houses Before?

It is important for the contractor to have relevant work experience. The beat way to check this is asking them for certifications. You can also ask them for the before and after photos of the projects they’ve recently done. This way, you’ll be able to set realistic goals and bargain for the best price.

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