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Best Scanner Maintenance Tips


If you’re using a scanner for the first time, odds are that you don’t know a word about how to keep it going without running into any major problems. While maintaining your scanner in a good position for a prolonged period of time is very easy, failing to comply with the requirements can cost you heavily down the road.

After helping you choose the best type of scanner, in this brief article, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the most effective tips that you can follow to keep your scanner in a good condition.

Keeping The Glass Sheet Clean

We all know that the glass sheet of our scanner is one of its most valuable parts, but it is also the most delicate. When you own a scanner, you are supposed to keep that thin glass sheet properly cleaned up all the time, or it might develop minor scratches over time, causing all the scanned documents to have vertical lines.

The best way to clean the glass is by spraying it with some Windex, and using a clean microfiber to rub it gently and get rid of any debris.

Dust It Properly

One major problem that causes most of the flatbed scanners to break is the accumulation of dust on its vital parts. That is why you should start dusting it properly on a regular basis.

With a little expert help, you can learn how to disassemble the scanner and dust all of the internals as well to keep the thing going for a long period of time.

Never Let The Paper Shards Accumulate

This is a thing that you can look out for when you disassemble the scanner. Usually, due to an extensive use, paper shards can get stuck inside the scanner, decreasing its ability to perform well.

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