What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Consuming Sugar?

Cutting out sugar from the daily diet isn’t an easy task, and it can be a really difficult discipline to maintain on a long-term basis for many people. This nutrition writer went on a sugar-free diet for a month and she found out shocking benefits that she wasn’t even anticipating beforehand. Many people have common perception that athletes and marathon runners needs a robust high-insulin diet to get them going, but in reality, they follow a strict routine that ensures that they don’t suffer muscle mass loss or bone density due to reduction of sugar or fat from diet. She adds that it is highly essential to eliminate refined sugar from your diet, because it has the most adverse effects on our body. This way you can complement your diet with other natural sugar sources such as fruits and yogurt. When the amount of calories and carbohydrates is lesser than before in your food, then you can give yourself the liberty of enjoying natural treats such as full-fat milk or yogurt.

When embarking on this new sugar-free diet plan, you need to ensure that the amount of natural sugar in your daily food intake doesn’t exceed the amount of 8 grams per day. This might look easy to follow, but it can get quite difficult when you have to find out ingredients that don’t exceed the final amount of sugar in your dessert or main-course meal. She ate her favorite full-cream yogurt with granola – which was homemade because the granola bars found in the grocery store contained a high amount of sugar. In order to sweeten the taste of the final meal, she added small amounts of honey that remained within her daily maximum limit of sugar intake.

Contrary to the popular belief, depriving your body completely of sugar can actually make things worse for you in the long run. Not only does your body need some amount of sugar to insert insulin in your bloodstream, but it can also make some people quit the diet plan within the first few days because of having too many restrictions. You should give yourself the leverage of enjoying some cheat-meals every now and then, as long as they don’t pose serious threat to your constructional diet program. This means that you don’t have to sit in the corner during birthday parties or weekend cookout sessions, but you can take part in all the activities and allow yourself to lighten up your mood.

Cutting back on your sweet tooth can give you the opportunity of feeling lighter than before, and it was mainly due to the sudden change in your daily sugar intake. This means that even though you weighed the same on the scale, but you would feel a slight sense of freedom and rejuvenated. Don’t expect to entire go through a body transformation at the end of the 30-day diet plan, because it is slow transitional phase that demands strict discipline on a long-term basis.

This experiment would allow increase your willpower and you would be able to say to “No” to those untimely midnight sugar cravings. Despite the fact that you generally have a high self-control and restraint over your desires, but following this diet routine would open up new parameters of willpower for you that you have never experienced before. Next time, whether you see your favorite ice-cream scoops or dark chocolate mousse, you would be able to control your desires rather than succumbing to them due to your sweet tooth. After some period of time, you would feel a need to add more fruits and nuts in your daily food intake.

Your Current Diet And Supplements Might Not Be Helpful For Your Heart-Health

A great percentage of people living in the US use dietary supplements on a daily basis in order to ward off their underlying cardiovascular disease or ailment, but new research shows that some of these medicines might do more harm than good in the long run for the patient. The chances of strokes and heart attacks might be aggravated after the oral intake of some over-the-counter supplements because of the presence of some vitamins and minerals that might have counterproductive properties. Almost all of us are aware of the fact that adding natural fibers and fats in our diet can actually help our body regulate blood flow in a healthy manner. When we cut back on fruits and vegetables from our diet, then our chances of getting strokes increase because of nutrient deficiency. A research conducted in West Virginia University found out shocking results that showed the lack of constructive effects of various popular supplements to our body. As far as you focus on reducing your sodium consumption and increasing your omega-3 fatty acids intake, you would be doing your heart a great favor. The research found various findings that can come in handy for people who want to improve their overall cardiovascular health.

These randomized controlled trials helped the researchers examine the effects of a high-sodium diet on the cardiovascular health of the participants. It concluded that the people, who have a controlled blood pressure, can suffer higher risks of early death due to the increment of salt in their daily diet. On the other hand, people who had a medical history of high blood pressure would not avail any substantial benefits from this sudden shift in their diet. This means that the people, who don’t suffer from hypertension, should restrict the amount of salt in their daily food intake in order to keep a check on their blood pressure.

According to a survey, people living in the US spend up to $32 billion annually on dietary supplements, and this amount is estimated to increase in the upcoming years due to increased chances of cardiovascular complications in people. Relying solely on the oral intake of supplements might not work out for many people; some of these supplements include vitamin A, B, D, and E. Americans usually have strong faith in the effectiveness of supplements prescribed by general physicians, and the findings of this experiment can alter this belief.

The coronary health of patients can be improved by increasing the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in diet, as it contains active ingredients that ease up the lining around your arteries. When your arteries get clogged up from visceral fat, this can affect the natural flow of blood throughout your body. Whether you suffer from low blood pressure or high blood pressure, you can get great side effects if this problem persists for a long period of time. It contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that strengthen your immune system and makes you less susceptible to getting sick from flu and other diseases. Folic acid can also help you eliminate the chances of strokes and related heart-related diseases. The presence of homocysteine – which is a type of amino acid – increases the possibilities of coronary diseases in the patients. Adding folic acid in your diet would allow you to naturally inhibit the formation of homocysteine in your blood levels. Folate supplementation was quite hyped up in the US, but now after researching various markets in China, it has become evident that it might not be as effective to ward off cardiovascular diseases as portrayed by many health experts.

A Guide to Clam Types in The U.S.

With fragile razor clams making their way to the local seafood restaurants, it is evident why many people have become addicted to the consumption of these delicacies throughout the country. The native bivalve species became depleted in the market due to the increase in its demand, especially in New York, but now all thanks to the local fish-farmers, this species has been revived so that the people can once again enjoy the original taste. During those times of depletion, local oyster beds throughout the country were left abandoned due to the excessive demand of this delicacy. Due to the efforts of the local conversation teams, various species have been reintroduced into their real habitat so that they can meet the demand of the local market and contribute to the ecosystem in a positive manner. The culinary versatility that seashells and mussels bring to us is something that cannot be replaced with anything on the menu.

Michael Cimarusti, who is a seafood enthusiast chef, tells about major species that grow in the United States. As long as you abide to the local regulations regarding the breading and capture of clams, you are good to go. Clams don’t take a lot of time to be prepared, because it only takes a few minutes to boil an entire platter of seashells. Unlike other delicacies, there are no fancy condiments required when you want to serve clams at a party or outdoor cookout. As long as you have melted butter and basic spices, you can have a great time enjoying the taste of seashells. You would have two options when it comes to selecting this delicacy – soft-shell and hard-shell, each type has a unique taste and texture. Soft shells don’t exactly get their name from their texture because they are quite tough in their form but they have a fragile outer layer. Due to this thin layer around these seashells, they get their name as soft-shells. These shells have protruded growth that keeps both their lips slightly apart, so that the passage of ocean water can keep on flowing without any barrier. If you notice that a clam is shut closed entirely, then it might be a clear indicator that it is dead. Because of the delicate nature of these shells it is highly recommended to the buyers to cook them within a 24-hour period so that it doesn’t become rotten or foul in taste. On the other hand, you can find hard-shell clams along the Atlantic coast where they grow in abundance and farmers can find various species. Farmers grow this species in various farming regions in North America, and each type has unique harvesting period. The locals give them different nicknames according to their age and texture. Older shells are thought to be more chewable and they are matured for customers who have a preference for chewable seafood delight. Littlenecks usually complement pasta and spaghetti well, and because of the fact they are not so fulfilling, they go well with other main courses in meal. Manila clams are also perfect complementary food items in soup, and they can also be placed in different main course meals. Mainly grown in British Columbia and Washington State, these seashells are now artificially grown in other regions where they are not natively grown. They are considered the sweetest type of clams which can add unique flavor to the entire dish. They are also great options for people who want to enjoy seafood items without breaking the bank. If you are throwing a cookout party, you can buy Manila clams for an affordable option.