How to Get Back With Your Ex?

The aftermath of a breakup can be terrible for most of us even when we think that we have moved on, and it can result in unavoidable symptoms of depression and melancholy. We all get told by our friends and family members to deal this crucial phase of our life with compassion and rationality, but most of the time we would find our feelings becoming too overwhelming for us to think straight. “Never look back”, that is what we hear from most of our friends. If you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, then there are various rekindling techniques and methods that you should implement in order to avoid making any blunders or mistake to screw things over again.

Most relationship therapists suggest their clients to take a beat before investing their emotional and mental value in things again when you are revisiting the past. You would be tempted to post couples selfie on your Instagram account once you start hanging out with the love of your life again, but it might be better taking it slow this time. Although there is no standard formula that you can follow while keeping a preferable pace, but you should just be more patient and calm this time. You also need to communicate with her in a manner that demands reciprocation in all the aspects, so that you are not the only one who is making efforts to make things work in your romantic relationship.

When you start seeing someone again who you’ve dated in the past you would most probably think that you know all about them, but you should actually consider it like a brand new relationship because time can change people to a great degree. You should start asking them various questions to see how think and what their thoughts are in general this time.

Your Relationship Can Actually Benefit From a Couples Massage

Our significant others are the people we live the most in our lives, and spending some quality time together let’s us get even closer than ever in our relationships. If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship and melt the snow between you and your significant other, than getting couples massage together might be the magic you’re looking for.

Here are some of the proven benefits of a couples massage on your relationship.

  • Something Unusual; getting a couples massage together allows you two to experience something new. Something you’ve never tasted before. This can allow the couples to get emotionally closer to each other. So, an hour long massage in a relaxing environment is a great thing that allows the couples and friends to build deeper connections with each other. The fact that you two are experiencing completely new things together can strengthen your relationship even further, and help you tow in growing together as a couple.
  • Living The Moment; laying in each other’s company and getting a relaxing couples massage is all about living the moment. This can prove to be a great factor in helping you melt the ice on your relationship that might have developed due to memories of your past. The awkward silence during the relaxing massage let’s you forget the past memories and focus on the present moment. So, book a couples massage today and enjoy the moment with your partner.
  • You Feel Attracted to Each Other; massage promotes the feelings of relaxation in our body, that we really enjoy. But in addition to these feelings, we witness a rush of exciting hormones like oxytocin and dopamine and make us attracted towards each other. This literally makes you more happy with during and after the massage.

So, turns out that getting a massage is a great way to strengthen the relationship between yourself and your partner.