Choose a Picnic Basket That’s Made of The Right Wood


Since there are so many elements that are involved to make a picnic perfect, hence a great deal of planning goes into it. From picking the right day to the right spot, from deciding a menu that is everybody’s favorite to thinking of games to take with; it is evident that each factor required utmost attention. However while everybody thinks about the picnic basket, there are seldom that give attention to a picnic table which is also a key component.

A picnic table is a significant investment and therefore no wants to invest in one which isn’t durable and lasts for many years. What many people don’t know is that the most vital factor that contributes to the durability of the table is the wood it is made up of and here’s a discussion how each wood behaves.

Common Woods Used to Make Picnic Tables

Traditionally, the woods that are used to make picnic table belong to softwood species and are weather-resistant due to significant outdoor exposure. However when it comes to different types of wood, geographical factors play a key role. For instance cyprus which is an ideal wood for outdoors is rare to find in the chilly north while it is extremely common in Louisiana.

Softwood Species

Apart from cyprus, red cedar, redwood and Douglas fir are also ideal candidates for outdoor picnic tables as they render both durability and an aesthetic advantage. The woods do not require additional finish and a coating of epoxy is enough to increase the life of the table. While these woods render durability, go to aguidepro to see what added features various types of picnic tables exhibit.

Hardwood Species

This includes white oak, Spanish Cedar and Teak; all of which (except Spanish cedar) behave well to outdoor conditions. However, a major disadvantage these woods offers is that they are dense and therefore heavier in weight; which may be beneficial for some and useless for others.

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