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Does HRT Cause Belly Fat?


Most maladies that anyone might suffer from over the course of their life has a cure or at the very least a treatment that can make it easier to manage once all has been said and is now out of the way. However, one thing that might stop people from taking advantage of these cures and treatments would be that they wouldn’t want to go through any of the side effects that many of them can send in your general direction, but suffice it to say that many if not most of these side effects are overblown and occasionally even utterly untrue.

A really pertinent example of a side effect that doesn’t really exist in the real world is the supposed belly fat that you would gain while undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Now, we should note that a lot of women that are going through HRT do report a bit of weight gain. That said, this weight gain is not caused by the HRT itself, but rather the fact that their body is going through menopause which makes it more prone to weight gain than might have been the case otherwise.

HRT can actually reduce belly fat in the long run. If you gain belly fat at the very start, just know that this is a byproduct of the natural changes that occur during menopause, and once you start HRT these changes will start to get reversed to one extent or another. That means that you can get a completely flat stomach once again after you start receiving your required HRT, and adding a bit of exercise to your routine as well as changing your eating habits can be helpful too.

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