Don’t Fret Over a Locked Smartphone


Most of us would panic when our android smartphone would not respond, if there isn’t any issue with the hardware or the software that helps operate the cellphone then it is a case of security lock, forgotten password/patterns or if you have put the wrong password multiple times then it can get locked, now if that has happened to you then first of all don’t panic at all because there are ways through which you can unlock your smartphone without losing any data, you can use the SD card method to unlock the phone, the reason why it is known as the SD card method is because SD card is used to put a pattern disabling software into your cellphone and get it recovered.

According to this Marketwatch Guide to Unlock Samsung and LG phones, if you have a PC that supports SD card or an OTG cable, you can  then proceed to the steps that you have to perform in order to recover locked smartphone, the steps are simple and anyone can do that, make sure that your SD card is fully supported by all the devices that you use during this operation, connect the SD card and then download a pattern disabling software, then copy the downloaded zip file to that SD card, now take out the SD card and put it into your mobile, once you have done that push the power and volume up button, it will take you to your mobile recovery mode and here you have to install the pattern password disable file that you have downloaded, in a few minute it will recover your locked phone, this method is for a number of different smartphones and if you are using Samsung then you can recover through Samsung find my device app.

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