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How Are Bat Surveys Performed?


The way that animals interact with humans is a really important aspect of the natural order of things. While we have stopped interpreting the natural order in a moralistic way that might cast aspersions on the manner in which you have currently chosen to end up living your life, at the same time this does not change the fact that the natural order still exists in terms of how we interact with our natural surroundings and make it so that animals that live in the habitats that we are beginning to share with them are able to live peacefully without us humans interrupting their day to day lives.

Surveying areas to find out whether or not bats live there can be crucial to maintaining the natural order of things. Most people conduct bat surveys to help these lovely creatures survive well into the future. The way this works is that a sonar is brought out. Bats are famous for being blind, or at the very least they don’t have the kind of high quality vision that many animals, including humans, tend to rely on as their primary sense that they use to figure out where they are and what they are doing.

The sonar would emit a sound that only bats can hear. Even though they don’t have very good vision, their sense of hearing is perhaps the best in the animal kingdom bar none. Hence, when this sonar is used, the bats would be able to hear it and they might think that it is some other group of bats that wants to interact with them. This would make them fly around, thereby confirming where they are and that area can be set aside for them.

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