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How Many Trees Your Business Will Need to Offset Carbon Footprint?


Carbon emissions are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. That’s because gasses containing carbon cause global warming. The per capita carbon emissions in the United States is much higher than the global average. So, to offset all the carbon being released into the environment, every person needs to actively participate in reducing his carbon footprint.

In this article, we will tell you how many trees your business will need to offset its carbon footprint, and a few other important things about minimizing your carbon footprint and using carbon offset credit.

How Can Trees Help?

Using trees is one of the best ways to suck carbon from the environment and make us a healthy living place for every human being. However, it is difficult to calculate the total number of trees needed to offset the carbon footprint of your business. But certain online calculators have been developed to help you with this process. These calculators can provide you with a nearly accurate estimate to how many trees you will need in order to offset the carbon footprint of your business. Just keep in mind that a tree offsets around 20 kg of carbon from the environment each year.

Tropical Forests And Carbon Sequestration

From a global perspective, trees planted in marshy areas and tropical forests have the best carbon sequestration rate. Unfortunately, tropical forests are also being cut down by private organizations and governments around the globe, and if the same base of deforestation continues, it will be impossible to keep global climate change under check.

If the current tropical forest cover is maintained, it can successfully offset around 23% of total current carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, you should also invest in planting more trees to offset your carbon emissions and become carbon neutral in the long run.

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