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How Much Does Homeschooling Cost?


There is a misconception regarding homeschooling that it is more expensive than sending your children to public schools but that is far from the truth, there are ways through which you can not only make your children’s homeschooling a success but also keep the spending in check as well which makes it less expensive than sending your kids to public school but the key here is that you’ll have to make smart decisions in order to achieve that, first of all you would be saving a lot of money on unnecessary items which are a must at any public school and parents cannot avoid that expense, this might look like petty expenses but these accumulate to become a large amount which parents save in case of homeschooling.

Apart from these unnecessary things, student indulge in extracurricular activities which not only requires a fee but requires parent to spend money on stuff, this is a major expense that you would be saving on and you would be in the driving seat when deciding upon the extracurricular activities, you wouldn’t imagine what a blessing that is because you wouldn’t be able to stop your children from participating in it, this might require you to buy equipment, kits and sometimes safety gear as well which is expensive to be honest, and other than this there are events, charity and fundraising events where you are obliged to take part in and events which would cost you hundreds of dollars.

We started our children’s homeschooling this year and we were having second thoughts about it, we always asked ourselves what are the Victorian home schooling advantages and is it any better than sending our kids to public schools here in WA but it surely had a number of different advantages that we were simply not aware of.

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