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How Often Should Carpet Be Shampooed?


There are a lot of mistakes that people tend to make as far as carpet cleaning is concerned, and these mistakes can often make it so that these carpets would not last as long as they initially had the potential to. While all of these mistakes are grievous and should be avoided at all costs, we feel like there is one error in particular that stands out from the rest because of the fact that it is most damaging to your carpet and can vastly reduce its ability to stay clean enough for your needs.

This mistake that we are referring to involves using carpet shampoos way too often. Some people assume that any carpet cleaning service that is worth hiring would use copious amounts of carpet shampoo, but at the end of the day these chemicals are only meant to be used sparingly if at all. Their main purpose is for spot cleaning rather than general cleaning, so suffice it to say that if you don’t have any stains that you are trying to get rid of you might not need to use any carpet shampoo in the first place.

Steam cleaning usually handles most of your carpet cleaning needs, and you should therefore focus on it as much as you can. A carpet should be shampooed a few times a year at most, or whenever you find a stain that steam cleaning is not able to get rid of. Overuse of carpet shampoos can create a slick surface on your rug that dirt would start to adhere to along with making it rather slippery in a disgusting way which would obviously be really frustrating for you to deal with.

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