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How to Dress Hippie With 3 Simple Hacks


Hippie, a statement fashion from the 60s but still not considered outdated. So, whether you are going for a theme party or you are inspired by some hippie music brand, here we have a complete style guide for you to give you an indie makeover.

#1 Keep It Natural And Comfortable

Hippie fashion is all about embracing yourself with your natural looks and opting comfort over style. If you have an old and faded tee in your wardrobe, perfect! Style it with ethnic jewelry to give your look an oomph.

Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to tees only. Opt for long-sleeved blouses or some bright flowy inspirations from Indian culture can make you stand out as a hippie of the party.

#2 Add Bell Bottoms to Your Style

Since bell bottoms are back in fashion, it is no brainer to find a good pair of these to make your hippie look complete. Ripped jeans will do the job too, but for an original hippie fashion, bell bottoms are considered to be the best.

We know a simple bell-bottom can make your look a bit off. However, you can get one with embroidery patch or pearl embellishments to make it look a bit chicer.

Feel free to explore different fabrics such as denim and corduroy; these both are the staple fabrics when it comes to pulling a hippie style.

#3 Bold Jewelry For The Bold Style

Don’t hesitate in adding statement jewelry to your look. Big Handcrafted jewelry pieces are considered to go best with a hippie outfit. Don’t feel like spending much on it? You can see some online DIYS and tutorials to make it.

Seashells and natural stone incorporated in pieces of jewelry are one of the instances of hippie style. In addition to that, don’t forget to take out your old anklets from your jewelry boxes. An anklet is a must for a hippie look.

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