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Informative Tips About Decorative Concrete Flooring


There was a time when there were limited options of flooring and finishes. With progress in design and architecture, construction is becoming more challenging day by day. There were only a couple of finishes used on flooring such as stamped or acid-etch stained patterns, but with time and research, there arose several other designs that challenged DIY and contractors.

Consider Northeast Decorative Concrete, LLC, pioneers in decorative flooring application, who deal in creative and genuine finishes for all kinds of surfaces. Spanning from diamond, acid, etches, textured, and stampable finishes, most professional companies seek to provide the latest and the best developments in concrete design to their clients.

Mentioned below are informative tips that we believe will definitely come in handy if you’re considering to replace the flooring of your property.

Hire a Decorative Concrete Specialist

Decorative concrete specialists vary with creativity and the ability to administer the kind of design you choose in the end. For instance, your preferred decorative concrete specialist might excel in acid-etch application instead of your choice of stamped or textured patterns. Instead of compromising, consider researching and discussing about your preferences with the contractor you have in mind.

Decorative Concrete Can Still Be Vulnerable to Damage

Concrete ages with time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will become stronger and more resilient as time passes. Instead of the popular belief, concrete becomes prone to vulnerability due to moisture from rainwater or excessive humidity. To protect your decorative work, it is essential to coat your flooring with a finishing layer. The finishing or covering layer will help to absolve your decorative concrete flooring of progressive wear and tear by blocking products responsible for higher damage.

Check with the maintenance policies of your contracting company. Most professionals administer additional features to decorative flooring, such as penetrating sealers or glossy finishes as per your requirement of matte and shine, respectively.

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