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Marijuana Legalization Questions And Their Answers


Many states are legalizing marijuana these days, and many have legalized it already. Marijuana is legal for people over 21 years of age, and for recreational purposes. Other states which have not legalized marijuana are working on making legislations to their local laws in order to legalize it as soon as possible.

As a regular consumer, you might have a few questions about legalization of marijuana. This article will try to answer most of those questions with satisfactory answers.

What Does Legalization Mean?

Legalization means the removal of any penalties on storing and using marijuana. Some forms of legalization may even allow people to grow marijuana in their homes and sell it for a living. In Marijuana legal states, you can even buy marijuana online USA.

On the other hand, decriminalization of marijuana means something different. It means that there is a specific limit to how much marijuana a person can keep and consume. Above the decriminalization limit, you will be fined for having marijuana above the legal limit.

Moreover, in countries which do not legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, their doctors might be allowed to recommend it to the patients when needed. This is called medical legalization.

What Caused Legalization of Marijuana?

One of the major reasons why people need marijuana legalized is because introducing penalties and sanctions against it does not help in controlling its growth and consumption. Instead, it wastes billions of dollars in revenue when the state uses its machinery to destroy marijuana fields and search peoples houses and cars for the substance.

Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands of racial arrests every year in the name of marijuana possession. That is why legalizing marijuana is the need of the hour.

However, people against the legalization of marijuana say that legalizing it would cause it’s misuse to spread like wild fire.

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