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Myths About GPS Blockers


There can be lots of struggles to managing a field service business. As a manager, you have to worry about the safety of the drivers, lessening the fuel costs, managing the deliveries and tracking the assets. For the most part, a GPS can make your work as a manager a lot easier, but they can be tampered by people with wrong intentions.

While a GPS jammer can have lots of valid uses, it can be used to block signals of GPS to hinder the driving abilities of any driver. Here are some of the myths about GPS jammer which you must know.

Only Rich People Can Use GPS Signal Jammers

This myth is totally wrong. This affects our daily lives as GPS keeps becoming more and more common everyday. GPS jammers are as cheap as $50 a piece on various websites. Anyone can buy one of these and use them for various purposes. While these jammers can benefit many people, they can cause any device’s or vehicle’s navigation system to stop working properly. Many drivers can get mislead by their navigation system if a GPS signal jammer is nearby. There can therefore be some potential disadvantages to the usage of GPS signal jammers as well.

Is My GPS Jammer Legal?

If your jammers emits some sort of signals to interfere with other devices and their GPS system, odds are that your device is illegal in some countries which restrict the sale and marketing of these devices beyond certain limited usage cases.

Making a GPS Jammer Will Make Me Invisible

If you’re working as a driver for a company, then using a GPS jammer to hide yourself won’t work to make to invisible. In fact, that can attract even more attention towards you by making your vehicle fall into the lost trips list. So, don’t ever try that.

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