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Probiotic Foods For Maintenance of Digestive Health


While the market comprises of healthy probiotic-containing fermented foods, your diet might still lack in compounds that are pivotal for a healthy internal environment. Even so, there are several studies which support the combination of a healthy diet and a probiotic supplement for inducing adequate health. As long as the daily consumption of probiotics doesn’t exceed 20 billion CFUs, there is no health advocacy that negates the simultaneous use of both probiotic-rich supplements and foods.

According to Natalie Rhone, RD, FMN, taking a probiotic supplement with an enriched food can actually help you maintain your immune system and boost digestion as per optimum requirements. While you can buy megaspore biotic and other bacterial strain containing supplements online, let’s discuss a couple of highly nutritious probiotic foods that you can take to boost your physical and emotional health.

Yogurt – Important For Digestive Health

Fermentation is a process that helps to preserve certain foods from spoilage. When milk undergoes fermentation at the hands of naturally existing lactobacilli, it not only develops a creamy rich thick consistency, but also a sour taste. Milk rich in fat, ideally of pasture-fed cows, consists of probiotics that help to combat lactose intolerance including allergies and metabolic syndrome.

Kefir, a Turkish delicacy, is somewhat similar in taste to yogurt but sourer due to fermentation from 30 different kinds of lactobacilli. Kefir is more beneficial than yogurt, despite having a thinner consistency, mainly because it contains 3x more probiotics and has a high anti-inflammatory effect.

Miso – Important For Combatting Hypertension

Made after fermenting soybeans for around 3 – 6 months, Miso is a Japanese delicacy that is at times, consumed as a soup with added flavour from spices, sauces or dressings.  Fermenting miso might take its toll on you due to its lengthy process which is why it is advisory to buy some from a local, organic shop. Miso can help to protect against free radical injury as well as cancer and radiation as well. It also helps to lower blood pressure and boost digestive health by protecting against colitis, IBS, and ulcers.

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