The Duties of a Medical Assistant


Medical assistants are hard working individuals who perform certain duties in clinics, hospitals, labs and other healthcare related facilities. They help the patients communicate effectively with the physicians by asking questions, arranging their medical history etc. Medical assistants ensure that the things run smoothly in the healthcare industry.

The legal duties of a medical assistant and limited by the laws of every state, and state determines what they can and can’t do. Medical assistant is a rewarding career, and the demand is also rising for such trained individuals you can easily get medical assistant training Sacramento and other cities if you want to pursue this rewarding career. Here are some of the basic duties of a medical assistant.


  • They record a patient’s vital signs such as blood pressure, blood sugar and other things to keep a record and show it to the concerned healthcare professional.
  • They can also be directed by doctor to conduct the physical examination of a patient to measure height, weight etc. and also look for any deformities.
  • Medical assistants keep the diagnosis going by collecting blood, urine samples for laboratory testing, the procedure runs according to the protocols defined by the doctor.
  • These professionals are also responsible for preparing the patient for inspection, and guide and patient beforehand and remove any bandages to expose the affected area and show it to the doctor.
  • The medical assistants also help the hospital in constantly updating the charts with new data and getting rid of the old one. It is included in their clerical duty to collect and arrange any newly collected data. They also fill the patient files, attach all the relevant test results and make sure that the file is ready for inspection by the doctor.
  • Scheduling the patients’ meetings with the doctors and help them communicate effectively is also one of the main duties of a medical assistant.
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