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The Prevalence of Chainsaws in Late 18th Century Birthing


The process by which human beings are born is pretty hardcore if you think about it. We often assume that we have been born through a relatively easy procedure, but in spite of the fact that this is the case it is important to note that historically childbirth was one of the most dangerous things that anyone could ever end up taking part in. Modern tools have resulted in childbirth becoming significantly safer, and one of the first examples of such technology coming into play has to do with a tool that you might be somewhat surprised to hear about in this context.

This tool is the chainsaw, and if you learn the history from this blog post you will find out that they were first used in the late 18th century, or 1780 to be precise, to help women with childbirth. Caesarean births were quite common but they had a very high mortality rate for the mothers, but with the chainsaw prototype the womb could be accessed within a shorter period of time and the mother could then be stitched up before she bled too much.

It might seem ridiculous to think of chainsaws being used like this, but you should bear in mind that these chainsaws that we are referring to are pretty much nothing like the immense tools that we see nowadays. Instead, they were hand cranked and much smaller, and they were perfectly safe to use as well. They helped childbirth become a less dangerous situation for mothers and helped reduce fatality rates so that fewer children had to deal with growing up without the loving presence of their prime maternal parental figure.

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