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Two Options You Get When You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer


Whenever you hire a Chicago personal injury attorney, there would be two things that could potentially end up happening. Your case will either last a very short time or a very long time, and this all has to do with the proceedings essentially being divided into an initial meeting that would potentially lead to further litigation if you are not satisfied by how things turned out. In order to understand the specifics of this kind of situation, you need to look into what a lawyer does once you have hired them.

The first thing your lawyer would do is contact the person that you are filing a suit against and inform them of what is happening. They would most likely get a lawyer and your own lawyer would accompany you to a meeting between all concerned parties. A meeting usually happens but is not necessary, what always does happen though is that either the person you are suing accepts the claim and gives you an offer or they choose to fight you in which case the case will be fought in a courtroom in front of a judge who would attempt to give an impartial decision on what should be done in this regard.

If they give you an offer but you think that it is too low, you would also have the option to take the matter to court. Hence, the two things that can happen are that you would settle for what is offered if anything is offered, or the case would go to court where you can either be deemed deserving of compensation or your case could potentially end up being dismissed which can happen if your case wasn’t strong or you didn’t hire a good lawyer.

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