What Are The Benefits of Reiki?


Reiki is an ancient healing therapy that can be dated back to the early 20th century in Japan that was introduced by monks and its mechanism is based on various old Asian beliefs based on spirituality and consciousness of mind. It can also be performed over a long distance, as the practitioner doesn’t necessarily have to be physically with patient. These practices rely on nonvisible and nonphysical energy that can be channeled into the body of the recipient.

It can be a powerful practice to not only help you alleviate pain in the body but it can even be incorporated for the manifestation of one’s goals and desires. As long as the internal atmosphere of the room is congenial to your soul and body, you would be able to experience amazing results in a typical Reiki session. Nowadays, most of us have a tension ridden life and it can be highly beneficial for us to take some time out for moments of relaxation and calmness. Your stress response would be decreased once you start going to an experienced master at least once a week, and you would be able to quickly recover from all sorts of injuries or mental trauma. If you want the best massage therapy session in Chicago, then you should definitely check out Molly Coeling Therapeutic Massage & Reiki now.

A typical session would last anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes depending upon the rate at which your body is responding to the positive radiations emanating from the palms of the practitioner. You would be asked to remove footwear and lie on the massage table in a comfortable manner, so that you don’t get interrupted by any distractions during the session. This way you would be able to gain maximum benefits from a hands-on therapy process.

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