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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Cats?


Dreams are powerful ways in which symbols from our everyday lives come to us and try to tell us things that we are not capable of understanding in any other situation especially if we are in a waking state during which we are at fault for only believing the things that we can see with our own two eyes in spite of the fact that this sense is not as reliable as we think it is and there is a whole world out there that does not have anything to do with the things that you can see, touch or smell all in all.

Some of the dreams that you are getting are going to be downright bizarre. If you dream of falling then it is pretty easy to understand what this means, and the same goes for dreams where your teeth are falling out or something similar to this. Most of the time, though, your dreams are most certainly not going to end up being quite as cut and dry as you might like them to be, something that indicates that no matter what happens a bit of dream interpretation might be necessary for you at least in this particular scenario.

Dreaming of cats is actually quite common, which is why interpretación de sueños con gatos is the sort of thing that a number of people out there are quite interested in. Cats represent a desire to be free, to break away from the grind of day to day life. If you are dreaming of cats then perhaps your job is not as fun as you want it to be, or perhaps you feel trapped and need a way to get out.

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