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What is a Private Investigator


The world is full of mysterious and inexplicable occurrences, and when these events start to get in the way of the smooth functioning of society suffice it to say that the police will be the first people that you would want to call. However, what do you do if the police fail to give you the kinds of results that you had been hoping for? Some would give up and assume that there is no other path forward, but others would realize that there is a whole host of private investigators that they can hire at the end of the day.

The great thing about a Catalyst PI is that they can do a lot of things that police can’t. For example, a police officer can never focus on just one case for days on end because of the fact that they have many other cases that they also need to work on. Hence, if you want an investigatory professional who is capable of working solely on the case that you have provided to them, hiring a PI would be well worth your while.

Many assume that PIs are just random people who go around conducting investigations, but this assumption has absolutely no basis in the real world. A proper PI is someone who has been vetted and licensed, and they most often come from police backgrounds as well due to the reason that this makes them well suited to the task at hand. They specialize in things like missing persons, financial fraud and many other things that police officers are hesitant to keep working on past a week or two, so you can continue the investigation yourself without them.

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