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What is The Difference Between a Real Estate Agent And a Real Estate Broker?


Every career comes with a pretty clear trajectory that you can follow which would help you earn more money, get more respect from your peers as well as give you the chance to have a say in how things are done at the end of the day. When it comes to the real estate industry, which is one of the biggest in the world in terms of the total value of transactions that are sent its way, most people start their careers by becoming real estate agents.

Real estate agents that work for Prime Agents Real Estate in Hervey Bay are licensed to facilitate the buying or selling of properties in the state where they are registered. However, if you get some experience, eventually you can move up in life and become a real estate broker. Suffice it to say that brokers earn more money than agents because of the fact that they are entitled to start agencies of their very own which gives them a higher level of control over the revenues that are coming in.

Brokers are exposed to higher volumes of transactions and they are also more likely to take part in massive deals that are worth millions of dollars. If your biggest goal in life is to become rich, you should become an agent and then work towards getting promoted to a broker which shouldn’t take more than two to three years. There are other posts that you can aspire to as well that are even more prestigious than brokers, but that will take a lot longer so you should leave them to the future all in all.

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