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What is The Difference Between Carpet Cleaning And Steam Cleaning?


The first thing that you would want to do when you decide to clean your carpet would be to look online for services that can do it for you at a reasonable enough cost. Starting your search will show you two different kinds of ads in this niche. Some companies would advertise their services as carpet cleaning, whereas others would use the term steam cleaning. This begs the question, what exactly is steam cleaning and how is it different from carpet cleaning?

Suffice it to say that the confusion that you are facing due to the existence of these two seemingly redundant terms is a byproduct of marketing practices that need to be done away with. Steam cleaning and carpet cleaning are not distinct categories, rather they are basically one and the same. While you can clean a carpet with shampoo or dry chemicals as well, most service providers use carpet steam cleaning because it does not contain anything harsh that could poison people at the end of the day. Ads use these terms because of the fact that the companies that put them in place chose to, and some of them prefer one term whereas others might prefer the other.

That must be really heartening news for you due to the reason that it can give you one less choice to worry about. Whether you opt for a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner, the end result would be more or less the same which is to say that it would be worth the money you paid for it. You might want to try out other methods if steam cleaning is not your thing, though.

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