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What Proof of Carpet Cleaning Would You Accept


A lot of the carpet cleaning jobs that you would get would involve you working for people who have gone out of town. It’s pretty common for individuals that are about to go on some kind of a vacation for one to three weeks to hire someone for carpet cleaning so that they don’t have to have their lives interrupted at this current point in time. The thing is, since your clients are away and cannot inspect the cleaning that you have done with their own eyes, they might want you to send them some kind of proof that would be utterly impossible to dispute without a shadow of a doubt.

Hence, if you want to find the right amount of success with your business offering carpet cleaning Conroe, you need to be willing to meet your clients halfway. There are a number of different kinds of proof that you can go for, but perhaps the best and most indisputable one would be a picture of the carpet that you have just now cleaned with all of the effort and physical strength that you could muster. If the carpet had not been cleaned for a very long time, it should seem visually different in the pictures you send.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should not fret over what kind of proof you would send and instead you can focus on using this method since it would satisfy most if not all of your loyal patrons. Anyone that does not accept this proof is likely being difficult for no good reason and you should stay steadfast in your belief that you did a good job.

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