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What You Should Know About The Safe Campus Act


The safe campus act is one of those bills that have managed to find a lot of hatred towards themselves, and to be honest, for all the right reasons, as well. Ever since its announcement and passing, the bill has been met with extreme criticism by students, as well as many colleges as the bill looks to stop any internal investigation in case there is a sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct that has taken place on the premise of a campus.

There is no denying that the majority agrees that the safe campus act should be stopped because of course, it is only going to hinder the experience, and might render any substantial finding useless. There are a few things that you should know about the safe campus act, and we are talking about them below.

Caused a Lot of Backlash

Ever since the announcement and passing of this act, it has managed to cause a lot of backlash and for the right reasons, as well. You are getting something that can potentially destroy the existence of all the cases, to begin with. You are also limited at the findings of the authorities, and that is the reason why this campus act is worthless.

Is Not Safe For Anyone

You have to understand while the act wants to protect the campuses and therefore, the students, but it is important to understand that the act itself is not really safe and can cause a lot of issues, too. Therefore, it has to be stopped before it manages to cause more damage because that is one thing that we all want to avoid, to begin with. So far, many schools and have colleges have stood against the act as well.

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