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Why Square Foot Pricing is Better For Carpet Cleaning


When you start to do a bit of research to ascertain which of your nearby carpet cleaning service providers will be the very best for you to hire, chances are that you would feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of options that are available. What’s more is that you might not know all that much about how carpet cleaning pricing works, and this can make it so that you would fail to recognize top notch cleaning agencies because of the fact that you would be unaware of how their pricing might affect you at the end of the day.

Suffice it to say that a carpet cleaning service Willis will try to charge you with one of two methods. The first of these methods involves charging you by the hour, whereas the second method involves calculating these charges based on the size of your carpet which is estimated in square feet. Based on what we have seen in the market, going for a company that charges by the square foot is usually better due to the reason that it guarantees that the entirety of your rug will get cleaned.

It’s not easy to come up with an accurate estimation of how many hours carpet cleaning might require, so if you pay for a set number of hours you might find that the carpet is still dirty when they leave. Paying per square foot results in a situation wherein your service provider would be contractually bound to stick around until all of the work is completed, thereby ensuring that your rug will seem fresh and clean by the time they head out from where you are living.

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