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Why You Should Use Snake Proof Boots Even Around Non-Lethal Snakes


While most people have learned about snakes in school, the simplistic nature of the information that they are given leads to them believing something that is entirely false. What these people tend to believe is that snakes are divided into two categories: lethal and harmless. People have come a long way from the days where everyone thought that every single snake wants to kill you, but even though this dichotomy is a bit of a step in the right direction it’s still not quite the sort of thing that manages to stay true once you venture out into the real world.

Instead of looking at snakes in such a binary way, you should look at them as being on a spectrum. Harmless and lethal are two ends of the spectrum, but there are plenty of snakes in between as well. Some snakes have venom that won’t kill you but it would certainly cause you a lot of pain that would be impossible for you to bear. Some snake venom can burn away your muscles, and while you might survive the ordeal you would have been maimed by it and this would prevent you from living the same sort of life that you might have been living previously. Even if a snake has venom that won’t injure you, their venom can potentially paralyze you which in and of itself is a really terrifying position to be in.

This is why you should buy the best snake proof boots even if the snakes in the area you are visiting are not considered lethal. There are a lot of dangers in this world that don’t directly involve death, and you would do well to prepare for them.

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